Spring Blooming Shrubs for a Fall Encore

By Kerry Ann Mendez

It is hard to decide what I like better: lovely spring flowers or dazzling fall foliage.

Why not have both?

There are a number of spring blooming shrubs with exceptional fall color, which explains why I end up purchasing many of these beauties in fall when their stunning leaves stop me in my tracks. Two peak seasons of interest from one plant!

Case in point: yesterday while walking around the nursery to take photos for this article, I bought two such shrubs that I now need to find space for in my garden. Our super sale of 60% OFF ALL trees, shrubs and perennials quickly erased any second thoughts.

Notable encore superstars include varieties of Azalea, Small-Leaf Rhododendron, Viburnum, and Dogwood. I don't even have to list cultivars...just step into our nursery and follow your eyes!

So hurry over to Estabrook’s and take advantage of our FINAL Fall Clearance Sale. Fall is a terrific time for planting!

About the Author

KERRY ANN MENDEZ is an award-winning garden educator, author and design consultant based in southern Maine. Her latest book is The Budget-Wise Gardener. You'll now find her at Estabrook's consulting on garden design, answering your gardening questions and much more. Plus, check out her Garden Webinar series for more tips and tricks.

Kerry Ann Mendez