Spring Blooming Shrubs for a Fall Encore

By Kerry Ann Mendez

It is hard to decide what I like better: lovely spring flowers or dazzling fall foliage.

Why not have both?

There are a number of spring blooming shrubs with exceptional fall color, which explains why I end up purchasing many of these beauties in fall when their stunning leaves stop me in my tracks. Two peak seasons of interest from one plant!

Case in point: yesterday while walking around the nursery to take photos for this article, I bought two such shrubs that I now need to find space for in my garden. Our super sale of 60% OFF ALL trees, shrubs and perennials quickly erased any second thoughts.

Notable encore superstars include varieties of Azalea, Small-Leaf Rhododendron, Viburnum, and Dogwood. I don't even have to list cultivars...just step into our nursery and follow your eyes!

So hurry over to Estabrook’s and take advantage of our FINAL Fall Clearance Sale. Fall is a terrific time for planting!