Gardening Trends for 2019

By Kerry Ann Mendez

A new year means plenty of new trends in the garden.

Garden Media, a company that researches global consumer trends, has released their top gardening trends for the upcoming year. These eye-opening findings forecast what will be "hot" this year in gardening, landscape design and green living.

This year's report covers a wide range of themes. Not surprisingly, low maintenance landscapes continue to be a priority. In addition to incorporating more no-fuss, long-lived plants, homeowners want hardscaping that doesn't require repair after a short amount of time and pavers that don't need to be cleaned constantly.

Other focal points included foodscaping, the practice of growing more edibles in the landscape, containers, and hanging baskets as well as indoors as houseplants. Consumers also want weather-resistant, quality outdoor furniture that will last and can be passed on. Even floral design made it into the trends report with an emphasis on including unusual elements in gorgeous arrangements.

Check out Garden Design's blog on the top ten trends for 2019 and start thinking about what you'd like to do in your garden this year.

About the Author

KERRY ANN MENDEZ is an award-winning garden educator, author and design consultant based in southern Maine. Her latest book is The Budget-Wise Gardener. You'll now find her at our Kennebunk store consulting on garden design, answering your gardening questions and much more.

Kerry Ann Mendez