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Flower Color: Lavender

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Achillea x 'Firefly Amethyst' Achillea x 'Firefly Amethyst'
Allium 'Windy City' Allium 'Windy City'
Delphinium d. 'Breezin' Delphinium d. 'Breezin'
Delphinium d. 'Shelby' Delphinium d. 'Shelby'
Hemerocallis 'Garden Show' Hemerocallis 'Garden Show'
Hemerocallis 'Raspberry Eclipse' Hemerocallis 'Raspberry Eclipse'
Hosta 'Afterglow' Hosta 'Afterglow'
Hosta 'Angel Falls' Hosta 'Angel Falls'
Hosta 'Beyond Glory' Hosta 'Beyond Glory'
Hosta 'Church Mouse' Hosta 'Church Mouse'
Hosta 'First Frost' Hosta 'First Frost'
Hosta 'Pocketful of Sunshine' Hosta 'Pocketful of Sunshine'
Hosta 'The Razor's Edge' Hosta 'The Razor's Edge'
Liriope spicata Liriope spicata
Penstemon d. 'Blackbeard' Penstemon d. 'Blackbeard'
Penstemon d. 'Midnight Masquerade' Penstemon d. 'Midnight Masquerade'
Perovskia a. 'Blue Jean Baby' Perovskia a. 'Blue Jean Baby'
Pulmonaria x 'Silver Bouquet' Pulmonaria x 'Silver Bouquet'
Veronica x 'Blue Skywalker' Veronica x 'Blue Skywalker'
Veronica x 'Lavender Lightsaber' Veronica x 'Lavender Lightsaber'
Veronicastrum v. 'Red Arrow' Veronicastrum v. 'Red Arrow'
Viola c. 'Halo Sky Blue' Viola c. 'Halo Sky Blue'
Syringa v. 'Katherine Havemeyer' Syringa v. 'Katherine Havemeyer'