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Winter Protection: Snow/Ice

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Coreopsis x 'Crème Brulee' Coreopsis x 'Crème Brulee'
Digitalis p. 'Camelot Lavender' Digitalis p. 'Camelot Lavender'
Digitalis p. 'Camelot Rose' Digitalis p. 'Camelot Rose'
Helleborus o. 'Royal Heritage Mix' Helleborus o. 'Royal Heritage Mix'
Scabiosa c. 'Butterfly Blue' Scabiosa c. 'Butterfly Blue'
Arctostaphylos u.u. 'Massachusetts' Arctostaphylos u.u. 'Massachusetts'
Caryopteris x c. 'Beyond Midnight' Caryopteris x c. 'Beyond Midnight'
Cotoneaster ad. 'Tom Thumb' Cotoneaster ad. 'Tom Thumb'
Rhododendron 'Mary Fleming' Rhododendron 'Mary Fleming'
Rhododendron 'Olga Mezitt' Rhododendron 'Olga Mezitt'
Rhododendron 'Pioneer Silvery Pink' Rhododendron 'Pioneer Silvery Pink'
Rhododendron 'Purple Gem' Rhododendron 'Purple Gem'
Taxus x media 'Densiformis' Taxus x media 'Densiformis'
Thuja o. 'Rheingold' Thuja o. 'Rheingold'
Acer pal. 'Rhode Island Red' Acer pal. 'Rhode Island Red'