Pansy Viola

A symbol of spring in Maine, Pansies are annual flowers related to violets that bloom during cool seasons of the year. They are suitable for the front of borders and beds, in small groups among other flowers, and in containers.
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Pansy 'Cool Wave Berries N Cream Mix'

'Cool Wave Berries N Cream Mix'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Blue Skies'

'Cool Wave Blue Skies'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Fire'

'Cool Wave Fire'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Golden Yellow'

'Cool Wave Golden Yellow'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Mix'

'Cool Wave Mix'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Morpho'

'Cool Wave Morpho'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Raspberry Swirl'

'Cool Wave Raspberry Swirl'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Strawberry Swirl'

'Cool Wave Strawberry Swirl'

Pansy 'Cool Wave Violet Wing'

'Cool Wave Violet Wing'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Blue Blotch'

'Delta Premium Blue Blotch'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Deep Blue'

'Delta Premium Deep Blue'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Neon Violet'

'Delta Premium Neon Violet'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Pure Golden Yellow'

'Delta Premium Pure Golden Yellow'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Pure Lemon'

'Delta Premium Pure Lemon'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Pure Light Blue'

'Delta Premium Pure Light Blue'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Pure Orange'

'Delta Premium Pure Orange'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Pure Violet'

'Delta Premium Pure Violet'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Pure White'

'Delta Premium Pure White'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Pure Yellow'

'Delta Premium Pure Yellow'

Pansy 'Delta Premium True Blue'

'Delta Premium True Blue'

Pansy 'Delta Premium White Blotch'

'Delta Premium White Blotch'

Pansy 'Delta Premium Yellow Blotch'

'Delta Premium Yellow Blotch'

Pansy 'Delta Pure Red'

'Delta Pure Red'

Pansy 'Fizzy Lemonberry'

'Fizzy Lemonberry'

Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle Mix'

'Frizzle Sizzle Mix'

Pansy 'Matrix Midnight Glow'

'Matrix Midnight Glow'

Pansy 'Matrix Morpheus'

'Matrix Morpheus'

Pansy 'Matrix Ocean'

'Matrix Ocean'

Pansy 'Spring Matrix Blue Wing'

'Spring Matrix Blue Wing'

Pansy 'Spring Matrix Pink Shades'

'Spring Matrix Pink Shades'

Pansy 'Spring Matrix Purple & White'

'Spring Matrix Purple & White'