Vaccinium x 'Pink Icing' Highbush Blueberry ZONE 5
Vaccinium x 'Pink Icing'

'Pink Icing' grows wider than tall and its spring leaf tones are a mix of pink combined with teal-blue and deeper green. White lantern-like flowers will form into large great tasting berries and the fall foliage is an intense show of turquoise-blue!

Great For: Fresh Eating Preserves

HEIGHT: 3-4'

WIDTH: 4-5'

SUN: 5+ hours

SOIL: Clay Moist Sandy

Attracts BirdsDeer ResistantBears Fruit
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Flower Color: White

Bloom Time: Spring

Growth Rate: Moderate

Shape: Upright Wide

Feeding: Holly-tone

Fall Color: Blue

Winter Interest: Foliage Fruit

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