Hydrangea s. 'Acuminata Preciosa' Mophead Mountain Hydrangea ZONE 5
Hydrangea s. 'Acuminata Preciosa'

This variety offers lovely vibrant pink flower clusters in late June that are very unique and deepen to reddish-purple in autumn. Reddish-green leaves with striking red stems complete the look.

Great For: Planting with Grasses and Smokebush, Planting with Boxwood and Ninebark

HEIGHT: 3-4'

WIDTH: 3-4'

SUN 5-12 hours

SOIL: Moist Sandy

Attracts ButterfliesDeer Resistant
More Info

Flower Size: 4.5"

Flower Color: Pink

Bloom Time: Summer Fall

Growth Rate: Rapid

Shape: Mound

Feeding: Plant-tone