Aronia a. 'Brilliantissima' Red Chokeberry ZONE 4

Features tiny white flowers in May and 1/4" brilliant red berries in fall. The berries and a stunning red fall color are retained for a long period of time, making this an excellent choice for mass plantings or borders.

Great For: Plant with Myrica and Juniper Combine with Viburnum and Grasses

HEIGHT: 5-8'

WIDTH: 5-8'

SUN: 4-6+ hours

SOIL: Moist Sandy

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts BirdsDeer ResistantNative of New EnglandBears Fruit
Yarmouth Availability
Sorry, this variety is not currently available.
More Info

Flower Color: White

Bloom Time: Spring

Growth Rate: Rapid

Shape: Upright

Feeding: Plant-tone

Fall Color: Orange Red

Looks Great With...
Grasses Grasses