Hydrangea anomala petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea ZONE 4
Hydrangea anomala petiolaris

Climbing hydrangea is an elegant vine with glossy green leaves, excellent exfoliating cinnamon bark and lacy white flowers in June. Plant on a tree or an eastward brick wall and it will take your breath away!

Great For: Trellises, pergolas and latticework, Stake and prune for a unique shrub

HEIGHT: 8-20'

WIDTH: 8-14'

SUN 4-6+ hours

SOIL: Clay Moist Sandy

Attracts ButterfliesDeer Resistant
More Info

Flower Color: White

Bloom Time: Spring Summer

Growth Rate: Slow

Shape: Spreading Tall

Feeding: Plant-tone

Fall Color: Yellow

Winter Interest: Branching Fruit Structure