Sambucus r. 'Lemony Lace' European Red Elderberry ZONE 3
Sambucus r. 'Lemony Lace'

The distinctive, golden, thread-like foliage of this variety has red-tinged new growth and creates a shimmery, feathery mound. Umbels of white flowers will appear in late June and give way to bright red fruit in the fall.

Great For: Plant with Cotinus and Viburnum, Combine with Chamaecyparis and Caryopteris

HEIGHT: 3-5'

WIDTH: 4-6'

SUN 5+ hours

SOIL: Moist Sandy

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts BirdsDeer ResistantBears Fruit
More Info

Flower Size: 5"

Flower Color: White

Bloom Time: Spring

Growth Rate: Rapid

Shape: Mound

Feeding: Plant-tone