Agastache x 'Black Adder' Anise Hyssop ZONE 5
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Agastache x 'Black Adder'

'Black Adder' features smoky lilac flowers that open from dark-purple buds. The blooms appear from June until the first frost over intoxicatingly fragrant gray-green foliage.

Great For: Plant with Echinacea and Campanula, Combine with Achillea and Grasses

HEIGHT: 36-48"

WIDTH: 24-36"

SUN 6+ hours

SOIL: Clay Moist Sandy

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts HummingbirdsAttracts BirdsDeer ResistantFragrant
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Flower Color: Blue Purple

Bloom Time: Summer Fall

Growth Rate: Rapid

Feeding: Plant-tone