Papaver n. 'Champagne Bubbles Scarlet' Icelandic Poppy ZONE 2
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Papaver n. 'Champagne Bubbles Scarlet'

The satiny, crepe-like, scarlet-red petals of this variety surround a delicate yellow center. The heavily divided gray-green foliage provides a beautiful foil for the many dainty flower stalks that appear in late April to May. Allow to self sow.

Great For: Spring window boxes and containers, Combine with Aquilegia and Iberis

HEIGHT: 12-16"

WIDTH: 6-8"

SUN 6+ hours

SOIL: Dry Moist Sandy

Attracts ButterfliesDeer Resistant
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Flower Size: 3-4"

Flower Color: Red

Bloom Time: Spring

Growth Rate: Rapid

Shape: Upright

Feeding: Flower-tone