Clematis 'Ernest Markham' Clematis ZONE 4
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Clematis 'Ernest Markham'

The bright magenta red flowers of 'Ernest Markham' appear from July to October on this vigorous vine. Providing adequate light will encourage flowering. (Pruning Group 2)

Great For: Trellises, pergolas and low fences, Rambling through a shrub or small tree

HEIGHT: 10-15'

WIDTH: 6-8'

SUN 6+ hours

SOIL: Moist Sandy

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts HummingbirdsDeer Resistant
More Info

Flower Size: 6"

Flower Color: Purple Red

Bloom Time: Summer Fall

Growth Rate: Slow

Shape: Climbing Upright

Feeding: Lime Plant-tone

Winter Interest: Structure

Winter Protection: Straw