Coreopsis x 'Crème Brulee' Threadleaf Coreopsis ZONE 4
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Coreopsis x 'Crème Brulee'

The large, butter yellow flowers of 'Crème Brulee' emerge all along the stems and will last throughout the summer. Meanwhile, fine foliage creates a mound underneath that is wider than tall and exhibits a soft informal feel.

Great For: Massing in the perennial border, Reblooming edging plant

HEIGHT: 18-24"

WIDTH: 18-30"

SUN 4-6+ hours

Attracts ButterfliesDeer Resistant
More Info

Flower Size: 1-2"

Flower Color: Yellow

Bloom Time: Summer Fall

Growth Rate: Rapid

Shape: Low Mound

Feeding: Plant-tone

Winter Protection: Snow/Ice Straw