Epimedium alpinum 'Rubrum' Barrenwort ZONE 4

A delicate yet tough plant, 'Rubrum' features rosy-red and creamy-yellow flowers that hang from wiry stems in May amid delicate apple-green foliage that is tinted with red and bronze. The foliage will mature to a medium green.

Great For: Low maintenance shade groundcover Woodland underplantings

HEIGHT: 8-12"

WIDTH: 2-4'

SUN: 4-6+ hours

SOIL: Moist Sandy

Deer Resistant
Yarmouth Availability
Sorry, this variety is not currently available.
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Flower Size: 0.5"

Flower Color: Pink Yellow

Bloom Time: Spring

Growth Rate: Moderate

Shape: Groundcover

Feeding: Plant-tone

Fall Color: Red

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