Helenium a. 'Mariachi Salsa' Helen's Flower ZONE 4
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Helenium a. 'Mariachi Salsa'

One of the reddest varieties, 'Mariachi Salsa' boasts notched petals surrounding chocolate brown centers that are dusted with golden pollen. This compact plant will bloom from late July to September.

Great For: Plant with Grasses and Hemerocallis, Combine with Lobelia and Hibiscus

HEIGHT: 18-20"

WIDTH: 20-24"

SUN 5+ hours

SOIL: Moist Sandy Wet

Attracts ButterfliesDeer Resistant
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Flower Size: 1.5"

Flower Color: Red

Bloom Time: Summer Fall

Growth Rate: Rapid

Shape: Mound

Feeding: Flower-tone