Helleborus Lenten Rose

A small group of spring flowering plants with cup-shaped flowers that are valued as much for their lustrous leathery foliage as their blooms. Plant in a moist, rich soil. All Hellabore need a full season or two to grow to flowering size.
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Helleborus x 'Champion'

x 'Champion'

Helleborus x 'Frostkiss Dana's Dulcet'

x 'Frostkiss Dana's Dulcet'

Helleborus x 'Frostkiss Dorothy's Dawn'

x 'Frostkiss Dorothy's Dawn'

Helleborus x 'Frostkiss Glenda's Gloss'

x 'Frostkiss Glenda's Gloss'

Helleborus x 'Frostkiss Penny's Pink'

x 'Frostkiss Penny's Pink'

Helleborus x 'Ivory Prince'

x 'Ivory Prince'