Juniperus Juniper

Junipers come in an amazing variety of sizes and colors - blue, green and speckled. This evergreen is a good groundcover on slopes and is great for covering the tops of walls.
The following items are currently in-stock. We're adding new plants almost every day, so check back for more soon!
Juniperus ch. 'Blue Point'

ch. 'Blue Point'

Juniperus ch. 'Hetzii Columnaris'

ch. 'Hetzii Columnaris'

Juniperus ch. 'Robusta Green'

ch. 'Robusta Green'

Juniperus ch. 'Sea Green'

ch. 'Sea Green'

Juniperus com. 'Green Carpet'

com. 'Green Carpet'

Juniperus h. 'Bar Harbor'

h. 'Bar Harbor'

Juniperus h. 'Golden Carpet'

h. 'Golden Carpet'

Juniperus h. 'Wiltonii'

h. 'Wiltonii'

Juniperus p. 'Nana'

p. 'Nana'

Juniperus sq. 'Blue Carpet'

sq. 'Blue Carpet'

Juniperus sq. 'Blue Star'

sq. 'Blue Star'

Juniperus sq. 'Holger'

sq. 'Holger'

Juniperus v. 'Grey Owl'

v. 'Grey Owl'