Tree and Shrub Guarantee

Hardy nursery stock* is guaranteed for up to one year after purchase, providing it has been watered and maintained properly. If a plant's health is questionable at the end of the year's guarantee, we may extend the guarantee.

Please Note: Purchases made at deeper discounts may NOT guaranteed.

Many failures can be avoided, so we ask that you please call or stop in to see us at the first sign of decline.

There are certain problems that are not covered by our guarantee. These problems include snowload, salt, ice, wind, insect damage, lack of water or animal damage. Proper planting is a must. For tips, please see How to Plant Your Trees and Shrubs.

The plant material in question must be dug and returned with the original sales receipt. If you are an Estabrook's Preferred Customer, you will be eligible to make a return without a receipt as long as your phone number was given at the time of purchase. A credit will then be issued toward your next purchase. No cash refunds will be given.

* Hardy nursery stock includes trees and shrubs. It does not include perennials, grasses, roses or groundcovers.