Making an Impact with Pottery

Sometimes the plant is only part of the solution.

You'll find our pottery shelves stacked high with boldly colored glazed pots, traditional terra cotta planters, and Grecian style urns to name just a few. Ranging from demure pinks and yellows perfect for Easter to vibrant violets, reds and even aqua, our collection comes from all corners of the globe, including Malaysia, Mexico and Italy.

If you're looking for something different, Estabrook's is also blazing trails in the world of gardening style by stocking pottery in trendy orange and lime green. If you'd like something a little more traditional though, we also offer a great selection in cobalt blues, cognac reds, browns and beiges to accent your home with a more neutral palette.

Accessorizing with Texture and Shape

By using the variety of shapes and textures that pottery offers, you can tie your plants together with the style of your home quite easily. For example, if you have a tall, columnar houseplant gracing your traditional style living room, accent its height by placing it in a high, narrow pot that sports a simple motif. On the other hand, if you want to add some additional style to an unusual tropical plant in your modern kitchen, choose one of the smooth, glazed asymmetrical bowls.

Don't Forget Color!

We've already mentioned the wide array of colors available in our pottery, but understanding a little color theory will go a long way in helping you make the perfect selection. By grouping appropriate colors together, you can really give your plants and decor an added punch.

Complimentary colors (those opposite on the color wheel) are all the rage these days. Pairing deep reds and bright greens together is very eye-catching, while other favorites include blue with orange or its variant, purple with orange. As an example, a cluster of bright green maidenhair ferns looks stunning planted in a wine red pot, while the nearly black color of elephant ear leaves stand out in white pottery.

Not to be outdone, analogous colors (those next to each other on the color wheel) look amazing together too. Plant purple-leaved rex begonia in a blue pot or bright red bromeliads in an orange pot. Groupings of multiple pots of the same color make an even more beautiful display. We even have glazed bird baths that match many of the pottery colors as well.