2020 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2

Christmas will be here before you know it! Finish up your shopping with a trip to Estabrook's for great gifts that will delight anyone on your list.

Here are just a few items now available at our store in Yarmouth:

Kew Gardens Tools from Spear & Jackson

Give a gift that will last (and last...and last!) with the Kew Garden Collection of gardening tools from Spear & Jackson. These high performance tools are available in easy-to-gift sets or a wide range of individual short and long handled pieces.

Natural Garden Sculptures

Give someone special the gift of a unique work of garden art with these stunning sculptures made from a combination of natural rock, driftwood and frosted glass. A new selection has recently arrived at our Yarmouth store.

Galvanized Watering Cans

Boasting traditional European style, these galvanized watering cans will not only get the job done - they'll look great doing it. The one-piece handle makes watering comfortable and each can is hot-dipped by hand in molten zinc, ensuring they will last the test of time.

Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo Moss Balls are rare algae growths that only form in a few lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Estonia. Many cultures consider them to be good luck and treat them almost as pets (you can think of them as the aquatic equivalent of a "Pet Rock"). These happy little plants will live in containers and are very easy to care for. Make one a memorable gift this holiday season!


Long Maine winters are better spent with friends - why not treat your loved ones to the company of a few new houseplants? Houseplants will not only bring color and vitality indoors when it's needed most, they will also purify the air you breathe every day. You'll find a tremendous selection of these happy plants now at Estabrook's.