Choosing Pottery

With a great selection of pottery available in vibrant colors, soft pastels and all in between, Estabrook's is the place to find containers that are great for inside as well as for that accent piece or grouping for outside.

With or Without Drainage?

A pot without a drainage hole is perfect for putting an already potted plant in without removing it from its current plastic pot. Your new pot will act like a saucer and allow water to drain off from the plant.

If you want to plant directly into a pot that does not have a drainage hole, you should put something in the bottom to allow for the water to drain off. Clay shards from broken pots or Styrofoam peanuts are both good choices and will allow water to drain away from the plant. A plant that likes to be kept moist such as ferns, peace lilies or creeping fig are some choices that would work well.

Choosing a Size

Choose the size of your containers carefully. If there's not enough room, you'll crowd your plant, while if there's too much room, you'll overwhelm it. You'll always want to go with a pot that's just slightly larger than the root ball itself, or if transplanting to a larger pot, one size larger.

Whether you have a pot that needs a plant, or a plant that needs a pot, bring it shopping with you to see which size and style looks best!