My Oh My, Magnolias!

By Kerry Ann Mendez

Magnolias always create a sensation when they are in bloom. Both Star (M. stellata) and Saucer (M. x soulangiana) have breathtaking, fragrant flowers. Star's blooms are smaller and consist of many slender petals (up to 18), while Saucer's flowers can be 5-10" in diameter with larger but fewer petals, which sometimes are referred to as tulip Magnolias. Both will flower before leaves appear in the spring.

Placement and Care

Star and Saucer Magnolias range in height from 8-25' and are usually available as multi-stemmed shrubs, but can be pruned into single trunk trees. Star Magnolias have white or pink flowers while Saucer's are white, pink, purple or yellow. Both Magnolias grow in sun to part sun and are hardy to Zone 4 or 5 depending on the cultivar.

Later Bloomers

While the early blooms of Magnolias are always a welcome sign of spring, thanks to breeding breakthroughs, there are now Magnolia hybrids that start flowering later in the season

These later bloomers typically flower 2 to 4 weeks later than Star and Saucer Magnolias, which makes their flowers less susceptible to frost damage. 'Sunsation' (soft yellow blooms) and 'Ann' (deep pink-purple) in the Little Girl series, are two of these unique varieties.

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