Celebrate the 4th with Red, White and Blue Flowers

By Kerry Ann Mendez

Show your patriotic spirit with sparkling red, white and blue flowering plants in your garden or container. Check out the following summer-blooming combination suggestions.

For Sun to Part Sun

Two Perennials and a Shrub: Coneflower 'Kismet Red' (blooms for 6-8 weeks with deadheading), Panicle Hydrangea 'Bobo' (blooms 6 weeks or more), and Bellflower 'Blue Clips' (blooms 6 weeks or more with deadheading).

Annuals: Red Geranium (blooms for months with deadheading - bring indoors before frost and use as a houseplant), Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' (blooms for months with no deadheading), and 'Beth's Blue' Star Flower (lavender-blue flowers blue non-stop for weeks with no deadheading).

For Part Shade to Shade

Two Perennials and a Shrub: Cardinal Flower (a native perennial that is highly attractive to hummingbirds), Astilbe 'Snowdrift' (early to mid-summer blooms), and Mountain Hydrangea 'Tuff Stuff' (stunning lacecap flowers - add sulfur to soil for bluer blooms)

Annuals: Coleus 'Redhead' or others with similar shimmering red leaves, white flowering wax Begonia, and blue Torenia (Wishbone Flower). All require little or no deadheading.