Christmas Wreath DO's and DO NOT's

A fresh balsam wreath is a hallmark of the holidays, and we have a wide variety of sizes and decorative touches to choose from. In order to maximize the vitality and freshness of your wreath, Estabrook's recommends adhering to the following DO's and DO NOT's.

  • DO NOT place your wreath between a glass storm door and your front door. This will cause the air around the wreath to heat up considerably and will cause browning.
  • DO place your wreath in a cool spot, avoiding the hot sun. The balsam fir reacts favorably to cooler temperatures and will keep its vibrant green color and fragrance much longer.
  • DO NOT hang your wreath indoors for a prolonged period or near a heat source. If inappropriately placed in your home, your wreath will dry out and become a serious fire hazard.
  • DO hang your wreath outdoors. Your wreath likes cooler weather and the decorations you'll find at Estabrook's are weather-resistant.

Also remember that even fresh greens have been known to "spill" needles. If you find your wreath shedding slightly, this is completely normal. By following these simple instructions, you'll be able to enjoy your wreaths all season long!