Meet the Newest Member of Knock Out Roses

By Kerry Ann Mendez

The ever-popular Knock Out Rose series has a new member of the family - Petite Knock Out...and it's adorable!

This mighty mite tops out at around 18" and features bright red, 1 1/2" flowers that will cover the foliage from early summer into fall. Petite Knock Out is ideal for containers, massed as a solo planting, or used along the front of the garden. It is also just as resistant to fungal diseases as its bigger siblings. Click here for frequently asked questions on how to care for this "knock out" that will be hardy in Zones 4-10.

Estabrook's recently received a fresh order of Petite Knock Outs as well as other standouts in this series. This no-fuss rose is sure to make any garden parent proud!