Protect Your Plants with Wilt-Pruf

Excessive moisture loss in plants can cause stress, shock, wilting and plant failure. This is especially a problem during the winter when drying winds and frozen ground deprive plants of their natural moisture intake.

Wilt-Pruf to the rescue!

What is Wilt-Pruf?

Wilt-Pruf is made from natural pine oil and stabilizers that are organic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. It dries to form a clear and flexible coating without harming the plant's health.

Wilt-Pruf acts as a protective coating that holds in moisture on plant foliage and stems, thereby substantially reducing water loss during periods of plant stress. Available in a ready-to-use spray form or concentrate, it dries to form a clear, colorless, flexible, gloss film without interfering with plant growth or materially affecting respiration, osmosis, or photosynthesis.

For Plants

Wilt-Pruf will protect your valuable shrubs such as evergreens, rhododendrons, azaleas, hollies, boxwood, laurel, and many other ornamentals. These broadleaf evergreens have a natural ability to survive when normal water intake through the root system is curtailed, but if the plants are exposed to severe drying winds or drought situations, they may not have enough moisture built up in their foliage to survive long periods without absorbing water. Wilt-Pruf gives them enough added protection to see them through long or severe periods of water stress. Unsightly wind barriers may also be eliminated by protecting these plants with Wilt-Pruf.

For Greens

Wilt-Pruf can also be used to keep your Christmas trees, wreaths and greens looking their very best throughout the holiday season. Spraying these will lock in moisture, the lack of which causes them to turn brown and drop their needles. Once the evergreens have been cut, they no longer are actively absorbing water. Wilt-Pruf slows evaporation to allow needles to remain on the tree and stay green. Wreaths can go from looking good for weeks to looking fresh for months. Simply follow the application instructions on the containers and allow the treated material to air dry.