How to Carve a Great Jack-O-Lantern

Estabrook's has everything you need to carve the perfect pumpkin. Here are a few tips to make that jack-o-lantern truly special:

Pumpkin Preservation

There are many effective ways to preserve your jack-o-lanterns. If you can carve 2-3 days before Halloween, we recommend the following preservation techniques:

  • Prevent your pumpkin from drying out by placing petroleum jelly on the cut edges of your carving.
  • To help prevent premature decomposition, spray your pumpkin with water, cover it with plastic wrap then store it in the refrigerator when it's not on display.

No matter how great your design is, your masterpiece will only truly shine once the sun goes down. Here are a few tips for lighting up your jack-o-lantern this Halloween:

  • When using a candle, cut a hole on the upper, back part of the pumpkin. The hole will work like a chimney by allowing the candle's heat to escape.
  • Try creating the opening from the bottom of the pumpkin instead of the top - you can attach the light source to the bottom lid and place the pumpkin over it.
  • For a multicolor display, use a battery-operated light with LED bulbs. A flashing light is ideal for spooky pumpkin carvings.