How to Care For a New Houseplant in Winter

By Jessie Winter

Are those cold, gray days cooped up inside causing a sense of eternal winter? The good news is, having houseplants around is a great way to combat the winter blues. Not only are they visually appealing but they can also help reduce stress, increase creativity, and improve your overall well-being. They also help purify the air in your home!

If you're nervous to bring home a new plant in the winter, rest assured: there's lots of manageable adjustments you can make to keep your plant thriving through the chillier months.

Here are some tips to get you off to a great start...

Hold Off on Repotting

Root growth is slow this time of year so there's no need to repot your new plant. Soil in big pots stays wet longer and you could risk root rot and overwatering if you repot now. Wait until spring to repot your plant and it will thank you! A great option is setting the nursery pot into a decorative cache pot so you can still have that fun look.

Light and Temperature

Make sure to place your plant in a nice bright spot - this is typically a south or west facing window. However, be sure not to place plants too close to a frosty window because they might get a draft. Most houseplants are tropical and appreciate a warm home, without a chilly breeze. If you're concerned you don't have ample lighting during this time of year there is also the option of adding a grow light to help supplement light.


Since plants experience a slower rate of growth during colder months and some even go completely dormant, they will need less water to keep hydrated and overwatering or watering too often can lead to root rot. So instead of sticking with a watering routine, go ahead and feel the soil first and only water when it's mostly dry. The water throughly and allow any excess water to drain out.


Houseplants don't typically need any fertilizer in winter because they're not growing as actively. A good time to start feeding is when you see signs of new growth. Spring is a great time to add fertilizer and give them a nice boost of nutrients to take on the summer!