Dish Gardens For Any Occasion

By Sarah Whiton

Designed with an assortment of green and blooming plants and planted in a keepsake planter or pot, dish gardens are colorful, interesting, and an easy-to-care-for houseplant option!

The Perfect Gift

There are lots of reasons to give plants as gifts! Well cared for plants can last forever, and blooming varieties will rebloom continuously with proper care. Plants will continue to grow and over time you can separate them into smaller plants to keep or give. With so many varieties of indoor plants, learning about their history and care can quickly become an enjoyable hobby! Plus, houseplants work double duty by being a stylish addition to your living space and purifying the air. Lastly, they're fresh, timeless and appropriate for any occasion.

How to Care For a Dish Garden

Caring for a dish garden is much like caring for any other houseplant. Since dish gardens contain a variety of plants that may have slightly different watering needs, it's a good plan to check the soil surrounding each plant to make sure there aren't any dry or soggy spots - aim to keep soil evenly moist. When it comes to light, moderate to bright indirect sunlight is usually the sweet spot for dish gardens. As plants begin to outgrow the container, you can separate them into their own pots and continue to care for them!