5 Reasons to Love Carnations

By Sarah Whiton

We florists hear it all the time; "Just make something beautiful - but NO carnations!" and what we usually think is "Who said carnations aren't beautiful too?" Surely, everyone has flowers that they love and loathe, but we've got a few arguments for the carnation naysayers out there and some good reasons to give this classic bloom a second chance!

Here are our five favorite reasons to love carnations:

  1. Fragrance Carnations have a wonderful, clean and not-too-overpowering scent! We especially find the pink ones to be the most fragrant.
  2. Durability Unlike some more delicate blooms, there isn't much harm one can do to a carnation. They're great for travel.
  3. Longevity As many know, carnations are one of the longer lasting flowers out there. Keep the stems cut and water fresh, and you can usually enjoy them for weeks on end.
  4. Texture All those ruffles add beautiful texture to arrangements, plus their long stems mean they're great for tall and low arrangements alike.
  5. Color Carnations come in a broad variety of colors ranging from sandy peaches to deep dark purples - and almost everything in between.