Care Considerations for Happy House Plants

By Sarah Whiton

Potted plants are the perfect gift option for any occasion! And if you're feeling like something that will last longer than a fresh cut flower arrangement, a green plant can brighten up any space.

Most houseplants are easy to care for, once you get to know their needs. Here are five helpful care considerations when selecting a houseplant for a gift or when choosing something for your own home.

Light Different plants require different amounts and intensities of sunlight which means that some spaces in your home may be better suited for certain plants than others.

Watering Needs Most plants will come with care instructions indicating their water needs, but getting to know what your plants look like when they need watering is a great way to finetune your care. Also, underwatering is generally safer than overwatering!

Temperature Some plants may be sensitive to heat or cold, so be sure to stay aware of drafty windows and heat sources when choosing a location for your plant.

Humidity Plants tend to like humidity levels that are most similar to their natural environment which means some plants may need the occasional mist, and others may require good airflow.

Growth Potential When given plenty of care and the right growing conditions, some plant varieties can really take off! It's smart to think about whether you'll have space for a very large plant as it grows, or if smaller plants are better suited to your place.