Tips for Arranging Wildflowers

By Sarah Whiton

It's that time of year when it seems like everywhere you look wild blooms are popping up anywhere the sun shines! Foraged flowers are always fun to design with and nothing beats the novelty of picking them yourself. Here are a few tips for creating a beautiful arrangement from freshly picked wildflowers.

Choose a Focal Flower Choose a few blooms that will star in your arrangement and draw the eye. Usually these are larger sized or contrasting in color from your other flowers. Focal flowers not only help to create shape, but also aid in making a cohesive arrangement that looks intentional.

Mix in Some Foliage Mixing in a little green foliage will create some visual separation between the blooms, plus the woody stems make a grid that will add support for your flower stems.

Embrace Texture Wildflower bouquets are all about texture, and now is the time to incorporate lots of it! Embrace that wild look.

Keep it Airy With all that extra texture happening, it's best to keep your arrangements airy and light so you can visually enjoy each flower.

Think Beyond Flowers Try incorporating berries on the branch, fruit, herbs and twigs for interesting elements that will add character to your arrangement.