Level Up Your Summer Salads with Flowers

By Sarah Whiton

There truly are few things as beautiful as a fresh from the garden summer salad - except for maybe a summer salad with some edible flowers tossed in! Here are some of Maine's finest edible blooms to try!

Bee Balm has a mint like flavor that would be great in salads and iced teas alike!

Carnation petals have a sweet flavor and are beautiful natural sprinkles

Clover Blooms are beautiful in salads (and not just for bunnies!)

Daylilies have sweet, vegetal tasting petals that will add a pop of color to salads or desserts

Marigolds can be added to salads, herbed butters and even sandwiches!

Violets are great in salads or can be candied, frozen into floral ice cubes or steeped and incorporated into simple syrup.

Also try snapdragons, scented geranium leaves, nasturtiums, and tulips!

Check out these and more edible blooms as well as recipes at MOFGA.org, courtesy of Maine's Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.