Seasonal Feature Bloom: Marigolds!

By Sarah Whiton

Marigolds are an iconic late summer bloomer that is as eye-catching as it is fragrant! And it's also a staff favorite at Farmhouse Floral. Beyond their beautiful color and scent, here are a few more reasons to love this flower!

Marigolds are not just orange. They come in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, burgundy and variegated.

They're great for pest control. Planting marigolds in your garden can help keep away pests and insects.

They play an important role in cultural heritage. Marigolds are known as the flower of the dead in historic Mexican culture and still play an important part in Day of the Dead festivities. In Indian cultures, Marigolds represent the sun, brightness and positive energy and are used to make colorful garlands in Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Marigolds have other symbolism too. They also are used to symbolize beauty, warmth and creativity.

The blooms are edible. Marigold blooms are edible and their petals make a beautiful embellishment to seasonal salads and desserts. Essential oils extracted from the plant are also used for cosmetics and dyes are sometimes made from the petals to color both food and textiles.

We're currently collecting marigolds from some of our favorite local flower farmers and you're likely to find them in one of our arrangements!