Making Your Own Pumpkin Arrangement

By Sarah Whiton

Pumpkin season has arrived, and there are lots of creative ways to incorporate them into your fall decor and celebrations! They make wonderful additions to mantels, front steps and tables alike. One way we love including them in our floral designs is by using them as a creative container to hold a flower arrangement. If you're looking for a fun, festive project, here are some helpful steps for how to create your own pumpkin arrangement.

Choose a pumpkin Select a good looking pumpkin with a flat, even bottom. Because you'll be placing a vase or waterproof liner inside for your arrangement, be sure to consider the size of your pumpkin and whether or not it will fit your vase.

Choose a vase or liner Your arrangement will actually be designed in a vase that sits inside the pumpkin, be sure to choose a vase that has a wide, sturdy base and comes close to the same height as the pumpkin (but not taller)

Hollow out your pumpkin Cut an opening in the top of your pumpkin that is just wider than the opening of your vase. Scoop out the guts, and place your vase inside.

Arrange your flowers Fill your vase with water and go to town creating a beautiful arrangement!

Enjoy! Place your pumpkin arrangement on a plate or dish to protect any surfaces from condensation or pumpkin stains. Your arrangement (and pumpkin) will last longer if enjoyed in a cool place away from direct sun or heat.