Spooky Flower Superstitions

By Sarah Whiton

Happy Halloween! Flowers carry a long history of symbolism across many cultures and beliefs. Here are a few spooky flower stories and superstitions to help inspire the Halloween spirit!

Witchcraft Marigolds and anemones were once believed to protect a person against witchcraft and bad luck.

Spirit Guides Marigolds also play an important role in Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations and are believed to help guide spirits to altars with their vibrant colors and fragrant scent.

Protection from Evil Romans were said to believe that roses would help deceased loved ones from evil, and some believe that planting a rose bush next to a grave will protect their soul.

Fortune Telling Dandelions were onced used to predict the future in some traditions. For instance, brewing dandelion roots in tea was believed to enhance prophetic and divination abilities. Blowing on the seed heads of dandelions is also said to predict how many children you'll have, or how many years you'll have to wait to marry; blow the seeds into the wind and the amount of seeds remaining is your number!

Cast a Spell Some believe that by casting rose leaves into the fire you can bring good luck.

Blessing or Curse A gift of poppies is said to help the recipient forget their worries, but giving more or less than precisely 13 stems may be considered bad luck!