Three Ways to Utilize Branches in Any Arrangement

By Sarah Whiton

Plants and trees may have dropped most of their foliage at this point, but that's no reason to stop foraging design elements in your garden or yard! This time of year can offer some unique seasonal accents if you keep your eyes and mind open. Seed pods, dried up queen anne's lace, yellowed ferns, and grasses can add unique touches to any design - and don't overlook bare branches when arranging flowers at home!

Structure Flexible stems and branches can be placed inside a large vase to create a grid to support stems. This type of mechanic allows you to use fewer stems and create an open, airy arrangement. If you're using a clear glass vase, it also creates an interesting pattern in the bottom of your vase.

Texture Branches add an element of texture to any arrangement, and are a natural for seasonal fall blooms and colors. They're also great for creating unique, asymmetrical shapes.

Size Branches are a great way to make an arrangement look taller or wider! They'll extend the design line up and out making it looks like your arrangement is bigger than it is.

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