New Year Flower Traditions

By Sarah Whiton

Happy New Year to you and yours! All of us at Farmhouse Floral hope that you are enjoying a happy, healthy holiday season! In the spirit of holiday traditions, we thought we'd share some New Years floral traditions from around the world!

Japan Arrangements called Kadomatsu are made with pine and bamboo and placed in pairs at the front door of the home to welcome harvest spirits. After the New Year's celebrations have passed, the arrangements are burned to release the spirits.

Costa Rica Ageratum, or Santa Lucia is a pastel blue flower that grows wild in Costa Rica. The flowers are gathered and given in bouquets to friends and family to bring prosperity in the New Year.

Brazil Yamanja is the Afro-Brazilian Goddess of the Sea, and around New Year's tons of cut flowers are tossed into the ocean as an offering to bring energy and strength.

Scotland Part of traditional Scotish tradition is Hogmanay which means "First Footing". It means being first through the door of a friend's home after midnight on New Year's. There are many ways to bring luck into the home, but one is to present the host with a bouquet of White Heather.

Here in the US, New Year's typically means enjoying the annual Tournament of Roses and the Rose Parade! Typically 40 or more floats travel the parade distance covered in more than 60,000 cut roses!