The May Day Flower Basket Tradition

By Ashley Dyer

Although the tradition is not as popular in America as it is in European Countries, May Day is a day to celebrate spring, fertility and femininity.

May Day is celebrated on the 1st and the history goes back to Roman times where they celebrated the flowers with a festival!

This was a 5 day festival in honor of the Goddess Flora with offerings of flowers, music, and dancing around the May Pole. Dancing around the May Pole with colorful ribbons is still a tradition today, along with May Day Baskets.

People would go around towns hanging or leaving baskets filled with flowers anonymously at friends and neighbors doors as a way of welcoming them into warmer weather. They say if a friend catches you before you can disappear, you have to give them a kiss!

Many believe we should bring this tradition back because May Day baskets are a great way to start anew with some love and kindness going into the new season. Order your May Day baskets online for pickup or delivery this weekend!