Indoor Succulent Care

By Alisha Bredbrenner

Succulents are a popular indoor plant that add tons of color and texture and require little maintenance. However, the amount of sunlight you provide to your succulents will play a big factor in their performance.

Follow these tips to make sure they're getting the sunlight they need to thrive!

Why Are My Succulents "Stretching"?

When succulents don't get enough sunlight, they will start stretching out to reach the light source. When you notice your plants growing taller while the leaves start to become further apart, it is a sign of stretching. If this is occurring with your succulents, you need to reposition the plants. Also, they will lose their vivid colors and turn back to green.

Why Do My Succulent Leaves Look Dry or Wrinkled?

If your succulents are getting too much sunlight or harmful sunlight, you might start seeing leaves drying up and getting wrinkled. They will turn yellow, look dull and in some cases, sunburn scars will appear.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation!

Remember to rotate your succulents once every few days. With an indoor setting, the light source often comes from one direction only. Hence, rotating your plants will help distribute the sunlight evenly, preventing stretching succulents or disproportional growth.