All About Sunflowers

By Alisha Bredbrenner

Sunflowers are in full swing! Their bright yellow (and sometimes cream) petals add a gorgeous touch to any floral arrangement.

However, how to care for a sunflower in a vase is important! Here are some times to add longevity to your sunflower bouquet:

When to Cut Sunflowers

The best time to cut your sunflowers is early in the morning or late in the day. Don't cut in the heat of the day - the flowers will wilt and won't last as long in the vase.

Cutting Angle Matters

The sunflower will hydrate better if cut a 45-degree angle, leaving at least 24 inches of stem.

Temperature of the Water is Important

Fill your bucket with hot water. Cuttings will hydrate better if it is hot from the tap or at least warm. Place the cut sunflowers in the hot water immediately after cutting. It is best to allow the cut sunflowers to sit in indirect light for a few hours so they can take up water before making your arrangement.

Keep Your Bouquet Out of the Sun

Sunflowers do love the sun when growing, but after you cut them, not so much. After cutting and arranging, keep your beautiful bouquet out of direct hot sun. It will last longer if kept in bright, but indirect light.

Keep Your Water Fresh

You can use a little bleach or the packets of flower preservative to destroy bacteria in the water. Or if you don't use anything, just recut the ends and change the water daily. Remember to use warm water, not cold water.