Overseeding Your Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to overseed your lawn! Annual overseeding will improve a lawn significantly and make it much harder for weeds and moss to become established, while also improving any bare patches that may have developed. To get started, simply follow the steps below:

  • To improve the seed bed, rake the lawn thoroughly to remove the old grass and any debris. The ideal tool is a rake with spiked revolving wheels that will create tiny holes to receive the lawn seed.
  • Prick the surface of the affected area with a hand or garden fork.
  • Use one good handful of lawn seed per square yard, making sure to scatter it randomly.
  • Scatter a thin layer of sifted soil over the top of the newly seeded area and press down with a board.
  • Water the lawn seeds if the weather is dry and then care for the new grass by carefully mowing until it is well established and blended in with the original lawn.

You'll be amazed at how successful and cost-effective overseeding can be - it can quickly restore your lawn without too much hard work.