Fall Window Boxes with Flair

Window box decor doesn't need to end when the geraniums begin to look tired. September and October are filled with beautiful plant material to revitalize your window boxes and give your home the sparkle of autumn in Maine.

Beyond Mums

Mums are classic additions to a fall display but also think about including interesting foliage. Grasses, heucheras, or kale give combinations of gorgeous color and texture. You might even be able to reuse a few of your summer annuals - verbena, scaevola or lantana, for example - since these plants enjoy the cool temperatures of fall. Osteospermum daisies are also an eye-catching cool weather favorite.

Fresh and Fragrant Herbs

Think about adding herbs to your late season window boxes. Not only do sage, thyme and parsley offer texture and color, they also impart a lovely fragrance. Several types of "indoor" ivy would also tolerate being outdoors during the fall months.

Finishing Touches

Don't be afraid to add a few silk leaves or other "everlasting botanicals" for even more pizzazz. Gourds and small pumpkins also look great tucked in among the plants. Finish off your decorations with large orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, unusual squashes and cornstalks.

Be creative, have fun and your home will have a cozy, inviting look of autumn!