Summer Planting Guide

Many people write off summertime as a poor time to plant, but by choosing an appropriate day and taking the proper precautions, your plants will establish themselves quickly and you'll have instant blooms that you won't have to wait all spring to enjoy.


An appropriate level of water is important to any planting, but it takes extra importance during the summer. With arid temperatures your plants will naturally demand more moisture. Even if you're planting in damp soil or drizzly weather, new plantings should receive a good soaking when they go into the ground. This initial soaking will settle the soil around the roots and expedite the time it takes for the plant to start drawing water from the ground on its own.

Continual watering after the plant is in the ground (typically 2-3 times a week) will ensure that your root structure will grow and establish in its new soil. By following this pattern, most plants will begin to establish themselves within a week after being put in the ground.

When to Plant

Choose the day you plant carefully and know your limits. Planting in the mid-afternoon on a hot summer day won't do your plants or yourself any good. You should also be on the lookout for windy days. Heavy gusts can quickly strip new trees of their leaves. If this happens when the plant is not taking up water from its roots yet, it can cause serious stress.

The best days for summer planting are cloudy ones. Without the sun blazing down, you and your new plants will have a more pleasant planting experience.

Enjoy Your Garden!

Summer planting provides you with an opportunity to get out in the garden and enjoy your plants when they're looking their best. Just as strolling along your garden at night can reveal new discoveries, summer gardening puts you side-by-side with your plants in their mid-season form.

The growing season in Maine is a short one, so why limit it to the springtime? By carefully watching the weather and making sure your plants are getting the water they need, you can extend the gardening season and find new ways to enjoy your plantings.