Accent Your Yard with a Flowering Tree

You'll find flowering trees serving as focal anchors in landscapes all over Maine.

Ranging from crabapples, cherries, flowering pears, dogwoods and many more, these trees are a great way to add winter interest and wild life attraction to your yard while you enjoy spectacular blooms from late April right thru the end of the gardening season.

With true dwarf varieties along with majestic specimens, there's a flowering tree made for every situation. Here are a few of our favorites at Estabrook's:


When you talk about flowering trees, you have to start with Magnolias. Their spectacular white, pink or even yellow blossoms will start off your season with a bang!


Our native Shadblow Serviceberry (Amelanchier) is also one to remember when it comes to spring blooms. The added bonus of berries will attract more birds later in the season.

Flowering Pears and Cherries

With masses of white and pink blooms, these delicate flowering trees are next to bloom and create a spring snow storm as the blossoms start to fall.


Perhaps the most popular flowering tree here in Maine is the crabapple. These stunning beauties feature vibrant blooms along with small to rather large fruit that will attract plenty of wildlife the nature enthusiast can enjoy all fall.


One of the longest blooming trees is the flowering dogwood. This beauty will start to bloom in June and show its color for about a month. The white and sometimes pink blossoms look like a star on top of each branch and are truly stunning.

If you're looking to make an impact in your spring landscape, a flowering tree is the perfect choice. Serving both form and function, these stunning selections will be a cornerstone of your yard for years to come. Visit us and have our experts help you choose one that's right for your yard.