Summer Flowering Bulbs Guide

Add a splash of bold color in by planting summer flowering bulbs in the spring. Look for these popular varieties at Estabrook's:


Unlike many other summer flowering bulbs, lilies will perennialize in your garden beds and do not have to be dug up in the fall and stored inside. They can remain in the soil and will simply reemerge and flower next summer as well. Choose from Asiatic and Oriental varieties in shades of pinks, whites, yellows and oranges.

Tuberous Begonias

Known for their large flowers and vigorous blooming habits, tuberous begonias are available in yellow, red and white. A great way to add fabulous color to a low light area of your yard, these beauties create instant color impact.


Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, Dahlias give you spectacular color in the garden or in containers for the porch or patio. They also make great cut flowers, especially the unique blossoms of cactus dahlias.


Gladioli make a striking addition to your flower beds. The tall clusters of brightly colored blossoms make a great focal point that is only enhanced when these eye-catching delights are grouped together. Like Dahlias, Gladioli can also be a great addition to a cut flower arrangement.

Summer flowering bulbs, corms and tubers can be planted outside as soon as the ground is dried out enough for the soil to be worked. After planting, remember to water your bulbs in thoroughly.

If you can't get into your garden yet but want to give your bulbs an early start, you can also pot them up in a container for the house. Make sure they get plenty of light and adequete water, then once your garden is ready, carefully transplant your bulbs to where you want them.