The Ten DO's and DON'Ts of Landscaping

Even small landscaping projects can seem daunting. Which plants should I choose? How do I want my beds laid out? What should I keep and what should I toss?

Like any project, dividing it up into smaller parts will make your task easier. We've compiled the following ten DO's and DON'Ts of landscaping to help you tackle "that spot" in your yard.

  1. DON'T start without a plan. Selecting plants that "look pretty" can lead to a haphazard accumulation of plants.

  2. DO think long term. Keep in mind that plants, especially trees, grow. Always consider the mature size of a plant (10 years at the minimum) before planting.

  3. DON'T be afraid to pull out overgrown shrubs and trees. Overgrown plants crowd a house, obscure views from windows, and invite home maintenance problems like wood rot and insects.

  4. DO decide where to spend your money. Buying the smaller size of fast growing plants let's you spend more on larger, slower growing plants.

  5. DON'T always think straight. Although a straight line is the quickest way from point A to point B, they do not leave much to the imagination. Curved walks and beds slow down the eye and add interest.

  6. DO think curb appeal. With the increased popularity of outdoor rooms, the backyard is getting a lot of attention lately - but it's the front yard everyone sees. Money spent on curb appeal is a good investment.

  7. DON'T create a monster. A spectacular landscape is a beauty to behold, but beware, that dream garden can turn nightmarish. Definitely assess how much time you are willing to put into maintenance prior to planting.

  8. DO plan for low maintenance. Like most of us, time is limited, so create a landscape that meets your time requirements.

  9. DON'T think in ones. A single plant can easily get lost in the garden. Think in multiples - preferably odd numbers. Creating swaths of color increases visual impact and reduces maintenance.

  10. DO stay ahead of the weeds. Letting weeds go to seed spells trouble in any garden. Take a little time each week to pull weeds that have popped up - it will pay off in the long term.

Finally, DO contact Estabrook's if you have questions. We offer a Garden Consultation service that will provide personalized advice for your home.