Inspect Your Evergreens for Summer Pests

As the heat and humidity of summer increases, so do the chances of infestations in the garden. Evergreens are especially susceptible during the summer months. We recommend that you keep close tabs on your evergreens for the following troublemakers and contact us immediately for treatment solutions if you see signs of damage.

White Pine Weevil

This insect attacks the tops of conifers and is the most serious white pine pest in Maine. However, it's not limited to just white pine - white pine weevil will also attack jack pine, red pine and Scotch pine, as well as several varieties of spruce.

Infested trees will show signs of wilting and browning, usually by July, and although they rarely kill the trees outright, they often cause unsightly damage that will limit their ornamental appeal.

The prompt removal (and burning) of infested areas of the trees is recommended at the first signs of damage. However, don't hesitate to contact us for personalized treatment solutions.

Spruce Budworm

This native insect eats the needles of fir and spruce trees and is considered one of the most dangerous insects to Maine's forests. In fact, Spruce Budworm destroyed an estimated 20 percent of Maine's fir trees during an outbreak from 1970 to 1985. With recent outbreaks in Canada and sitings in Northern Maine forests, Maine Forestry officials are preparing for another large scale attack.

Unfortunately, early detection of this pest is often difficult for the home gardener. The larva is very small and will bore into and feed on the needles or expanding buds. As the larva grows, the needles are severed and left hanging in a silky web. The needles then turn brown and give the entire tree a scorched appearance, usually sometime between mid-June to August.

If you see any signs of this kind of damage to your fir or spruce trees, please contact us for treatment options.