Summer Tree Planting Guide

Planting trees during the summer is as easy as planting them in the spring. The only difference is the amount of water they'll require to take root and establish themselves in your landscape.

By following these simple steps, you can have a beautiful ornamental tree that will anchor your yard for many years to come.

  1. Dig a hole almost as deep as the plant's root system and twice as wide while loosening the soil surrounding the hole.
  2. Set the plant in the hole so that the root ball sits 2" higher than the existing grade. If the plant is pot bound, score the roots with a sharp blade or knife. Do not remove the burlap from the root ball unless the burlap is non-biodegradeable.
  3. Untie all the string around the top of the root ball and remove any plastic strings completely. Do not remove the wire basket.
  4. Amend the existing soil dug from the hole with peat moss, cow manure or compost. Add one shovel of soil amending material to three shovel fulls of existing soil.
  5. Firm the soil around the base of the plant with your hands.
  6. Make a shallow water basin 3-4" deep using soil or mulch. The basin diameter needs to be approximately 1 1/2 times the root ball size.
  7. Fill the basin with water 2-3 times, saturating the root system. Continue to water on a regular basis using this method.
  8. Make sure to apply a root stimulant. If you have questions, please ask our staff about the fertilizer requirements for your particular plant.
  9. Complete your planting by mulching with a 1-2" layer of bark mulch or other material to help maintain moisture. Make sure to keep your mulch 2-3" away from the trunk or stems of your plant.

Follow these steps and you'll have a beautiful tree you'll be able to enjoy for many years to come!

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